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Online USA Consular Visa Preparation Training

Online USA Consular Visa Preparation Training – H1B | L1A | L1B | L2 | H4 | B1 | B2   Course Overview: This course explains about the END TO END PROCESS and documents to be submitted to US Consulate to get visa stamping on the passport. H-1B Visa: Employment Work Permit L-1A Visa: Employment …

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H1B Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is Cap H-1B1 Chile/Singapore? Cap H1B1 Chile/Singapore is a type of petition filed with USCIS and the maximum number of petitions received by USCIS is 6,800 per year. H1B1 Singapore quota is 5,400 per year and H1B1 Chile’s quota is 1,400 per year. What is Cap H1B Master’s Degree or Higher? Cap H1B Master’s …

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